Pesaro, Marche

Cosa è nice2me?

Local social network. We connect nearby people live on the base of their shared interests in order to create again empathy among users. Stop virtual!


Vinto Bando "creazione di impresa" della regione Marche; finalisti al premi Gaetano Marzotto; in corsa per la 4° edizione di Go-beyond;

set 2020

In dettaglio

nice2me is a new concept of social network that we call "live connection system" whose aim is to give back empathy to people. It is a local social network!

The hectic day life, the virtual spacers social networks and the Covid are pushing people behind their screens causing a decrease in people's happiness and pathology like Hikikomori and Vamping among new generations.

The system provides an alert function that send a notification about the shared interest among two nearby users (500 mt) in a one-to-one way. This will help them to meet and know immediately wherever they are, having a shared topic of discussion, no more virtual relationship! People is getting tired about virtual.

We also created a Community system which consist in monothematic provincial rooms where to talk and post local events easy to reach. Every time you step into another province you will enter the rooms of the same interest in the other province.

The purpose is the same: give to people a new tool to contrast virtual and to help to know interesting people easy to attend.


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