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The Future of Digital Receipts


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Our life has become digital, we can manage almost everything from our smartphone, but the offline shopping experience is still not advanced enough. Our vision is to digitalize shops and bring the era of the paper receipt to an end. With a tiny plug-and-play hardware, that will be connected between the cash register and the printer, we can digitalize receipts with minimal cost and no configuration needs.

Once a customer pays with his preferred card or Apple Pay, thanks to the European Open Banking initiative, we can match the transaction with the digitalized receipt and directly send it to his phone, without requiring the customer to leave his phone number or email address at the point of sale.

This allows customers to have all their receipts in one place, no need to gather all the paper for business expenses anymore, no need to go through all the paper anymore if there is a warranty issue, just to find out the ink on the receipt has faded. Vision-impaired people for the first time know, what is written on their receipts and what they pay for. We will also provide statistics about the purchases made, including additional product information like nutrition, allergens or sustainability.

The restaurants profit from the device by getting a dashboard with insights on their sales, comparison to similar days, impact of weather or sport events, and sales trends over time - digitalizing their business at no cost. Companies benefit by letting us simplify their expense report process, by directly accessing the matched transaction-receipt data. No more need for accountants to go through credit card statements, matching every line with a paper receipt the employee has to provide. No more need to take photos of receipts, fill forms and send the paper as a proof.

As soon as the user base has grown, we will provide additional services like loyalty programs and cashback for customers, as well as forecasts, repeat purchase rate and targeted advertising for shops, taking advantage of the data we collect. Brands like Coca-Cola will get a channel to customers for market research, advertising and cashback, as it doesn't matter anymore if a customer buys their products in a store, in a restaurant or online.

There is no more time and paper to waste - let's start the revolution together, everyone profits!


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