Roma, Lazio

Cosa è Hibernium?

We are a blockchain innovative company that merges the most disruptive technology with the most advanced scientific sector, to boost biotech research


Hibernium has recently established a partnership with an important Italian university for the development of IoT sensors operating at -80°

set 2020

In dettaglio

Hibernium Core business: Monitoring the conservation status of heat-sensitive products, to guarantee the absence of alterations and ensure the compliance with parameters during the whole shipment.

Brief Company Description: Hibernium ensure quality control for thermosensitive biotechnological products based on IoT, Smart Contracts and permissioned blockchain technology.

Number of the products the company offers: In addition to temperature control our company can offer a monitoring of other parameters through Blockchain and IoT: CO2, humidity and shock during entire shipment.

Description of our blockchain based solution: during the whole shipment of the product there is a black hole of information. Nobody guarantees me the inalterability of my product during the trip. Thanks to the combination of IoT sensors and the blockchain I can both monitor my product and at the same time be sure that nobody changes the data detected by the sensors. Our blockchain solution ensure complete data irreversibility and immutability, enabling trust during the process. 

Key benefit:

  • Intermediaries within the supply chain and end customers (laboratories, research centers) will save time and money. They will always be aware of the situation and the status of the product (respect of the parameters ensured by IoT sensors and decentralized Smart Contracts). The technology allows us to eliminate problems arising from errors and human interventions, avoiding waste of time and costs due to legal disputes, increasing efficiency and effectiveness.
  • KPI & SLA compliance
  • Compliance with sector regulations
  • Transparency: thanks to the blockchain I can guarantee total transparency and unalterability of the data.
  • Smart Shipping: thanks to smart contract give the customer the possibility to postpone the package in case of damage
  • More speed, less waste

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