Cocconapp, the beach revolution

Altissimo, Veneto

Cosa è Cocconapp, the beach revolution?

Cocconapp is the first service for the beach that lets you order food & drinks, and has all the info and events in a single app. Using geo-localization, Cocconapp empowers users to find only what is interesting nearby, and beach business to find potential clients at close distance.


IOS Cocconapp app released - April 2019

mag 2019

First Kiosk to deliver food&drinks on the beach through Cocconapp - February 2019

mag 2019

500 Android Cocconapp app downloads - September 2018

mag 2019

100 activities in the Cocconapp map - September 2018

mag 2019

15 geolocated marketing events - August 2018

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In dettaglio

Cocconapp is the app that wants to revolutionize the way business is done on the beach!

Cocconapp brings together all the beach activities in an easy, flexible and intuitive app, now available in both the AppStore and PlayStore:

The app is free to download and gives access to all information related to clubs, bars, kiosks and street food with their offers and promotions, and also toilets, medical centers and access to the sea, all at fingertips of the user.

Directly from the app it is possible to order food and drinks and choose whether to go and get it as soon as it is ready (skipping the line!) or have it brought to you directly under your beach umbrella. The latest functionality let you also share your last order with your friends so they can get the next round!

Moreover, you can find the nearby children areas and specialized beaches for dogs. The 4-legged friends received a completely dedicated function: dog owners can suggest where to take their favorite pets and have fun without fear of disturbing other holidaymakers or incurring penalties. A fantastic tool for organizing stress-free holidays in a straightforward and immediate way.

The app is available in English, German and Italian.

For kiosks and bars on the beach

Cocconapp allows bathing establishments and commercial activities (kiosks and beach bars) to reach their customers in a simple and targeted way by promoting their products, such as food and drinks, directly in the app. The main purpose is to reach potential customers while they are comfortably lying under their beach umbrella or within a certain radius of kilometers. An indispensable tool for getting the most out of geo-localized tourism.

These commercial activities can map themselves into the Cocconapp map for free, while there is a pricing plan to activate the shopping chart for the purchase of food & drinks

The team

Overall the team has a proven experience in real-time tech solutions and in the development of high-efficiency projects, combined with good commercial, sales and marketing knowledge.

Samuel Ventimiglia is the CEO, a senior PHP architect with the Amazon Web Services (AWS) developer certificate. Juri Battilana deals with sales and marketing, and is a Google Ad expert, among having a PhD in Biotechnology. The techie guys are Davide Biasin, a senior backend (PHP) developer, and Roman Balmus, a senior iOS/Android developer, both with an AWS developer certificate.

Business model Free services    

- User app (iOS and Android)

- Inclusion of beach businesses in the Cocconapp map

Monthly/annual subscription

- For businesses, activation of the chart to enable app orders (food & drinks)

- Technical support

Pay per use

- commissions on each order from the app

- geo-localized orders based on radius range

Contact us at [email protected] for more information on pricing, offers and promotions.

Where we are (May 2019) and where we are going

We have 163 business activities mapped on the Cocconapp map. 92% of these activities are concentrated in the beaches of the North-East of Italy, the market we are currently targeting. 5 charts for food & drinks orders have been activated.

One of our clients had an estimated increase of 23% of his sales thanks to Cocconapp; watch what he says (in Italian):

Our goals until the end of 2019 are the following:

- July: 20,000 apps installed considering both iOS and Android

- August: 40 geo-localized events sponsored

- September: participation to Digithon

- October: 20 active business charts

- November: full implementation of AI technology for sales forecast

Our mission to revolutionize how businesses operate on the beach is under way. We are open to discuss business opportunities and possible investments to accelerate the adoption of Cocconapp, knowing that our growth has been steady since the beginning. We look forward to expanding our service in the rest of the Italian beaches and beyond Italian’s borders.


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