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Napoli, Campania

Cosa è

Angeldeal is a platform developed for VC firms, Accelerators, Angel Investors, and Crowdfunding operators to support them in tracking performance data of their portfolio companies

In dettaglio

Are you a professional investor? 

Then you probably need to gather various reporting data from your portfolio companies. Some of this data is for internal decision making and often there's a set of performance metrics you need in order to put together your own reports. 

The chances are you send numerous emails back-and-forth to get the data in the first place and quite often there's a lot of time wasted on compiling summary reports. 

We eliminate this waste. 

Chasing your founders for updates is time consuming and doesn't have to be. Angeldeal enables investors to track their startup metrics with ease. Our data integrations can be set up in seconds, and enables the platform to track selected KPIs. 

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