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Cosa è Elysium?

Elysium provide a decentralized platform based on Blockchain technology for sharing secure and certified health data between Patients, Doctors and Healthcare facilities.


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In dettaglio

The Elysium protocol is a special purpose decentralized data exchange protocol. This protocol is intended to incentivize the exchange of medical records, therapies and drugs, and can be expanded to include any type of shareable data.

In addition, the tokens serve as the proposal and voting utility to guide the evolution of development and changes to the Elysium. All token holders can contribute proposals and vote on changes and updates they’d like to see implemented. Applications receive tokens for data exchange. Users will have absolute control over their data through the use of a hosted third party service.

Elysium is designed to:

  1. Help physicians getting access to certified health data in a timely and transparent manner, reducing the risk of malpractice and improving patients outcomes;

  2. Support healthcare providers in securely managing patients' information, increasing transparency on personnel liabilities and improving coordination across departments;

  3. Empower patients to upload, consult and provide access to their health records in a secure and certified way, making them an active player in improving healthcare services.

Elysium appeal to a broad range of healthcare providers, including hospitals, rehabilitation centers, continuing care facilities, mental health services, Community Care Access Centers (CCACs), as well as private sector services such as dental care and independent health facilities.

In addition Elysium have the potential to serve pharmacies, diagnostics laboratories and (granted patient's' consent) clinical research.


Elysium also play a potential role in litigation that involve healthcare providers, insurers, patients and physicians. The role of Elysium in such affair is to increase the transparency of the health data fruition, serving all stakeholders fairly.


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