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AITEM S.r.l.

Torino, Piemonte

Cosa è
AITEM S.r.l.?

AITEM is a Spin-off of PUNCH GROUP, specializing in the development of Artificial Intelligence software. Founded in 2020, we bring cutting-edge technology and innovation to the field.

In dettaglio

AITEM is an Artificial Intelligence spin-off of PUNCH GROUP, founded in 2020, which specializes in developing cutting-edge solutions for the veterinary, industrial, and medical industries. We currently own three patents pending and two trademarks. Our main product, LAIKA, is a veterinary platform that helps diagnose and treat animals more effectively. We also provide industrial solutions to optimize production processes, such as defect analysis and predictive maintenance, medical products that assist with accurate and rapid disease diagnosis, and engineering solutions that use advanced analytics to analyze complex datasets.

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