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Milano, Lombardia

Cosa è

ActForCity: The digital bridge between citizens and local governance! 🏙️ Empowering communities through a social network, participatory budgeting, and AI capabilities. Together, we amplify voices, foster collaboration, and drive positive change. Join the movement for citizen-led innovation! #ActForCity #CivicEngagement #CommunityEmpowerment

In dettaglio

ActForCity is an innovative platform that revolutionizes communication and collaboration between municipalities, local associations, and citizens, fostering active engagement in community affairs. It is offered as a comprehensive service, encompassing cutting-edge generative AI capabilities.

For municipalities, ActForCity provides advanced tools to engage citizens and promote democratic participation. Through a dedicated social network, citizens can discuss ideas, issues, and projects for their city, providing valuable direct feedback. The platform also facilitates participatory budgeting, automatically generating projects based on citizen input and enabling voting for priority initiatives. Real-time statistics and intuitive visualizations offer insights into the most relevant topics and project progress.

ActForCity goes beyond municipalities, empowering local associations to communicate effectively and organize themselves. With personalized profiles, associations can share information about events, initiatives, and campaigns, creating a direct channel with citizens. The platform promotes collaboration between associations and municipalities, facilitating project coordination and task assignment.

ActForCity's service-oriented approach ensures easy implementation and scalability for its users. The platform leverages generative AI capabilities to enhance functionalities, supporting natural language processing for idea classification, automated project generation, assistance in post and comment writing, and press release generation. These intelligent features provide an intuitive and efficient user experience, supporting the diverse needs of municipalities, associations, and citizens.

The adoption of ActForCity as a service ensures hassle-free deployment, maintenance, and updates, freeing organizations from technical complexities. It emphasizes data privacy and security, adhering to strict regulations to protect sensitive citizen information. ActForCity's commitment to transparency is reflected in meticulously documented algorithms, fostering trust and accountability.

In conclusion, ActForCity is an all-encompassing platform that revolutionizes communication, collaboration, and participation in community affairs. Its service-based approach, enriched with generative AI capabilities, empowers municipalities, local associations, and citizens to actively shape the future of their cities, creating a vibrant and inclusive environment for shared decision-making and collective progress.

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