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Cosa è Runtheons?

We maximize athlete potential via tech & expert support. Top performance specialists assist with cutting-edge tools.


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In dettaglio

Runtheons is a company dedicated to helping athletes reach their maximum potential through the use of cutting-edge technologies and personalized support from the world's top performance experts. Our vision is to become the global benchmark for athletes aspiring to achieve high levels in their sport by offering them a holistic approach to performance management.

The concept of Runtheons is based on the idea that every athlete deserves personalized support to improve their performance and minimize the risk of injuries. We have developed a platform that combines data analysis with input from experts in various fields such as nutrition, recovery, sports psychology, and more. This allows us to offer tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of each athlete.

Key features of our project include:

  • Personalized support: We work closely with athletes to understand their specific needs and goals. Using our advanced technology, we collect data on their performance, training habits, physical parameters, and more, to create an accurate digital version of each athlete.
  • Data analysis: We use motion sensors, data analysis software, and machine learning models to gather, process, and interpret data on athletes' performance. This enables us to identify strengths, areas for improvement, and provide predictions on future performance.
  • Performance experts: We have a team of highly qualified performance experts in various areas. These professionals provide personalized consultation to athletes on nutrition, recovery, sports psychology, and other critical aspects to optimize performance.
  • Data protection: We utilize advanced security technologies to ensure the protection of athletes' sensitive data. Privacy and data security are paramount to us, and we are committed to upholding rigorous security standards.

The functionalities of our product include:

  • Performance monitoring: Sensors and advanced technologies allow us to collect accurate data on athletes' performance during training and competitions. This data is then analyzed to provide detailed insights on areas to improve.
  • Customized performance plans: Using the collected data and input from experts, we develop tailor-made performance plans for athletes. These plans integrate training, nutrition, recovery, and other key aspects to maximize performance.
  • Advanced forecasting: Thanks to the use of machine learning models and our artificial intelligence, Jarvis, we can generate thousands of predictions and performance plans. This enables us to assess the impact of different strategies on athlete performance and adapt plans accordingly.

Our business model is based on a combination of annual subscriptions paid by athletes and a percentage (15%) of the income generated from image rights, sponsorships, and contracts with athletes' clubs. This way, we ensure an opportunity for both the company and the athletes themselves to achieve economic growth.

To acquire customers, we have implemented a multi-channel acquisition strategy. We collaborate with sports scouts, sports agencies, and athlete agents to identify potential clients. Additionally, we use social channels and participate in events and outreach activities to create a network of contacts. This allows us to reach a wide audience of athletes and establish lasting relationships with them.

We are confident that Runtheons has the potential to make a significant impact in the sports industry. With our cutting-edge technology, personalized support, and our mission to help every athlete reach their full potential, we are ready to become world leaders in the field of sports performance.

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