Chameleon Trike Project

Ancona, Marche

Cosa è Chameleon Trike Project?

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Chameleon Trike is the result of a long study lead on many prototypes to find the best solution to propel using arms and legs at the same time.

It all started from my passion to go faster, workout and my love for bicycles and mechanics. I started sketching different concepts then creating prototypes disassembling and cutting bicycles. Having tested many machines I found that Chameleon Trike is one of the most interesting for comfort and simplicity.



It is very efficient thanks to the involved patented system. Simple linear movements forward and backward give you the possibility to express all of your power in a safe and comfortable way without stress of bones and joints because the seat sustains you while arms and legs carry no weight.




Everybody can ride it. For those who are legs/weak can find relief being helped by arms. For those who are arms/strong can find a lot of fun at high speed pulling and pushing. It is suitable for short distances and in conjunction with public transport could be taken on board for longer trips. Chameleon Trike is easy to disassemble and compact enough for an elevator, light enough to carry it on stairs and fits into spaces too small for a normal bike.