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La prima app di Fantaciclismo


Nessuna Milestone aggiunta da FANTACYCLING! 😟

In dettaglio

Fantacycling is the first Official fantasy game cycling app

For many years our group of friends who are passionate about cycling played fantasy cycling offline, during the pandemic we realized that this type of game, that initially came out in relation of to football only, was quickly expanding to other sports and we were confident cycling fans would appreciate a similar app dedicated to cycling.

Since Federico and I already had previous experience with startups, we have viewed this as a business opportunity so we launched Fantacycling app in July 2020.

Our mission is to create the biggest community of cycling lovers in the world.

Looking only at the data in Italy, there are about 5.5 million cycling lovers and over 2 million people practicing cycling

Inside our app all of the users can compete in 4 game modes: 

- Championship : where users from all over the world compete

- Private League: users challenge their own friends

- Public League: users find and challenge new fans, thanks also to the geolocation

- Sponsor League: users can participate and win the prizes provided by our sponsors

Inside our app all the users can create their Team, see all the statistics, and actually compare the skills of the cyclists and their palmares which are always updated by our editorial staff.

This will give each user the necessary tools to arrange the best possible team for all the UCI races.

Our business model is divided into: 

Sponsors: who pay for visibility on our app and in our community, we have sponsorship with the most important brands in the cycling industry, like Specialized, Continental and more.

  • An app: with the Premium Subscription and the sale of iconic cyclists’ picture cards

- Revenue Share: for the collaboration from commercial agreements with different kind of company like sportswear products or tour operators.

- Last but not least are the revenues that come from the visibility of our live shows on YouTube and Twitch and we have a weekly Tv Show on Bike Channel Tv.

Most of our users are Italian, but last year we translated the app into English, French and Spanish, so we have some followers from other countries, mainly Spain, France, Colombia.

Our growth is steady, and in less than two years the app has already been downloaded by more than 80k people.

From the launch of the app to now, we have more than 60k Registred users and more than 6k League created. 

Our app have had more than 130M of app screen views and our website have had more than 1.5M of views

In the 2022 we have more than 36k monthly Active users, 12k average daily users and more than 70k monthly average views on YouTube 

Otherwise from our competitors, we are the only app that has 4 game mode.

We also have the scores and live statistics of the races inside. 

In our roadmap, in 2022 we want to reach 100k registered users, implement our technical team, and do fundraising.

In 2023 we want to reach 250k registra user, launch the NFT collection of our Picture card and increase our international collaborations to have more reach of user in the other country

In our Team we are 4 co-founders with different skills. I and Federico we already had a previous experience in other startups, Sandro and Lorenzo are two Professional journalist.

In addition we also have 2 guys for the Technical team, one social media manager and another guy in our Editorial staff


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